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Cupping Therapy

Can be a standalone treatment or supplementary treatment during your acupuncture session.  Cupping is the medium, which applies suction to the skin, and it is believed to mobilise blood flow to promote healing for a range of conditions.

The cost of cupping only is a 30 minute period and the price is £30.00


Cupping is available to all patients as part of their acupuncture treatment for a supplement of only £5.00.


It is thought that the ancient Egyptians practiced cupping and that it dated back to 1500 BC.  In fact, cupping has been popular in China for centuries and dates back to 1000 BC and may have been around since 3000 BC.

Health Benefits

Unlike many modern techniques, drugs or surgery, there are no unwanted side effects and quite the opposite, cupping therapy is thought to have a host of health benefits, including boosting the immune system and helping to assist the healing time and process.

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Benefits of Cupping

There are few scientific studies on the benefits of cupping, but a huge amount of anecdotal evidence, which makes it difficult to prove its’ effectiveness.  However, millions of people have had cupping over the centuries and this treatment is renowned to be effective and safe.  There are five ways cupping may be able to help you:-


  • Helps Reduce Pain – In essence, cupping is used to naturally reduce joint and muscle pain, and is often used to reduce pain for people with lower back issues.

  • Promote Relaxation – Most patients after cupping feel a sense of deep relaxation and is thought to lower their response to stress, so protecting them against anxiety and depression.

  • Boosts Skin Health – The use of suction on the skin opens the capillaries and improves blood flow and may in fact reduce inflammation.

  • Helps Treat Respiratory Issues and Colds – In Chinese Medicine, cupping is used to help nourish the lungs and clear away phlegm and congestion.  Patients often comment on how much looser their cough is and the feeling of tightness in the chest is reduced.

  • Improves Digestion – Cupping has been used as an aid to improve digestion and has been used for centuries for stomach aches, diarrhoea and other gastro intestinal issues.  In this case the cupping takes place around the navel, bladder, kidneys and stomach.


Chinese Acupuncture

Theory of Cupping

The cups are usually placed on the back of the patient and follow the five meridian (channels of energy) lines there to open these channels and help the ‘Qi’ to run smoothly, so relieving congestion.


1.Promotes Qi – life force

2.Draw energy and blood to inflamed areas with poor blood flow

3.Dispel stagnation and fight disease

4.Promote relaxation and reduce tension

5.Boost energy


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