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Huge Savings: First treatment was £50.00 NOW ONLY £29.00; all subsequent treatments also ONLY £29.00


Effective Chinese acupuncture treatments in your area

Chinese acupuncture has been around for many centuries. Practised and perfected over the years, it has been successfully used to treat a multitude of body ailments and pain. You can enjoy the benefits of this ancient science at Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in Lincoln.


Our practitioners have learned the science from the best of Chinese practitioners and have also acquired professional degrees in their areas of expertise.

Discounted rates to celebrate our 10th year of trading


First visit  - £50.00,

now ONLY – £29.00


Follow-up session - £40.00,

now ONLY – £29.00

Uniting your mind, body and soul to conquer pain

Our practitioners focus not only on the body of the patient but believe that they are part of the treatment themselves. We aim at focussing all our energies to your treatment in order to ensure that you get the most from any of our services.

Why choose Chinese acupuncture?

• Proven pain relief for a wide range of body ailments

• Tried and tested medical science

• Heals the body and relaxes the mind

• No side-effects as sometimes seen in contemporary medicine

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Excellent treatments for you

At Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, all the treatments are administered by our experienced professionals. All our procedures are safe. You can also get a relaxing foot massage at our clinic. Contact us for your treatment needs in and around Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

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Acupuncture treatments now only £29

Some benefits of Chinese acupuncture: