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Professional acupuncture treatments in the Lincoln area

Are you looking for a treatment to help your persistent aches and pains or other ailments? Alternative medicine may be just what you need. At the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, we provide excellent acupuncture treatments for all types of ailments.


Administered by dedicated and highly-qualified professionals, you will get the right treatment that is tailored to you.

To celebrate over 10 years of serving the local community, we have a new price structure so that more individuals can enjoy the benefit of acupuncture for less!


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The medical science of acupuncture

The science of acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the careful insertion of needles into the patient's skin at certain pressure points to provide pain relief. When administered properly, it can produce effective results.

Treatments for body ailments like:

• Lumbago

• Neck pain

• Shoulder and lateral elbow pain

• Feeling low/blue

• Headaches and migraines

Wide range of specialised treatments

Besides acupuncture, Chinese Acupuncture Clinic also provides specialised treatments including Chinese herbal medicine and body massage. You can also learn the art forms of Tai Chi and Qigong from our experts. Contact us for an appointment.

Close up of acupuncture needles being pushed into someones skin Acupuncture needles in a mans shoulder

Acupuncture treatments now only £29

Some benefits of acupuncture: