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If you are looking for an affective treatment for pain or to improve your health, Chinese Acupuncture Clinic is the right place for you. Run by Bing Bing and John, the clinic uses the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture to heal body ailments effectively.


Both practitioners have extensive experience in traditional Chinese medicine and are dedicated to providing safe and effective healing for individuals in and around Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

John Illingworth

John worked as a Chief Inspector for the RSPCA until a near fatal road traffic accident in 1993 curtailed his career in animal welfare. There followed many years of rehabilitation before John undertook nearly 3 years Shiatsu training. Shiatsu is Japanese for "finger pressure" and a form of acupressure and massage using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principles. This interest in TCM led John to enrol at the University of Lincoln to study acupuncture for three years, where he gained a First Class BSc Honours Degree in Acupuncture.


John completed nearly 1000 hours of practical acupuncture with patients whilst studying at the university. During the last year of the course, John was assigned to a Doctor's surgery in Howden where he treated patients referred to him by the doctors with acupuncture for a wide range of conditions. This was a challenging assignment as most of the patients had been ill for a long time and had extremely complex problems.


During the three years at university John studied the principles of Chinese medicine and practice of Chinese acupuncture, the management of the clinical conditions, as well as the orthodox disciplines of anatomy, physiology, pathology and psychology.


After university, John continued his studies in China at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and worked in the TCM hospitals working under Dr Wang who was recognised by Nanjing City to be a famous doctor in TCM and had over 40 years' experience in this field. Whilst in China, John met Bing his future wife and they have since both returned to England where they opened the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in 2008.

Bing Bing Illingworth

Bing Bing has worked for the university as a teacher for 10 years and during this time has studied with all the top TCM doctors in Nanjing and gained experience in the different departments of the hospitals with these doctors covering the subjects of Dermatology, Gynaecology, Paediatric, Oncology, Ear, Nose and Throat and so on. The position of interpreter meant Bing Bing was ideally placed to continue studying acupuncture, tuina and herbal medicine up to the point where she came to the UK with her future husband John in August 2007.


Since 1997, she has been steeped in a rich Chinese medical theory and practice and uses cupping and moxibustion as a matter of course in all her treatments. Her experience and teaching have without doubt ensured that she is probably the most qualified acupuncturist in the area.


She opened the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in Lincoln in early 2008 with her husband John. During the years of practice in England, Bing Bing has treated many problems, such as lumbago, neck pain and more successfully. She has also helped a lot of people with their general well-being.

Passionate acupuncturists and authentic acupuncture treatment

Both John and Bing Bing have a great passion for traditional Chinese medicine and it seemed natural for them both to progress towards working together and providing a service in this area. Hence the birth of Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. For more information on our treatments and experiences, contact us today.

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Bing Bing and John Illingworth
  • 1993-1997 BA Degree in English

  • 1997-2002 Degree in Acupuncture, Tuina (type of massage) and Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • 1997-2007 Worked and studied at Nanjing University of TCM as student, teacher and interpreter

  • 2011-2014 MA Degree in Health Communication, University of Nottingham

  • Qualifications provide Bing with unsurpassed knowledge in her chosen subjects.  As an English speaker, as a skilled communicator to determine the patient’s needs, as a first rate practitioner to provide the best treatment.

  • Bing every year, refreshes her acupuncture knowledge and skills by returning to China and meeting the expert TCM doctors in the various hospital departments

  • In regular contact from her clinic in Lincoln with some of the best doctors of acupuncture in China

  • Full member of ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Member of the International Association of Tai Chi and Qigong

  • Founder member of UK TCM Network


Bing Bing graduated from Nanjing University in 1997 with a degree in English and Business Studies and began work in the International Education College of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an interpreter. Bing’s love of TCM led her to study at the University for a Degree in acupuncture, tuina and herbal medicine and she graduated in 2002.

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